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Martial Void King

BeginnersXianxia: For the school year, there will be one chapter a week released Friday-Sunday. For every 10$ there will be an additional chapter released within a two week period of the donation.

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Bruce September 8, 2016: 20$

WoI Teaser

Wharton finally made his move!

Just at this time, the duration of the Sealed God light screen was over. This was a flawless trap.

All of them was for this single blade attack!

An almost transparent jade-like knife seemed to have pierced through the space and time. It was only as big as a thumb, and as long as a finger. The nip in the air gave rise to a bone-chilling fear. The pricking murderous aura actually assaulted Xiao Chen’s entire body from every direction. The tiny yet resplendent blade was about to make contact with his chest, unless he was a god, it was already impossible to avoid it!

Death was only a few inch apart from Xiao Chen, although he felt unwilling, he already didn’t have the strength to reverse the situation. He was unable to change the end result at this moment, he could only wait for his impending death.


Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Table of Content

  1. Copy a Post
  2. Remove underlined links
  3. Shortlink and Ping
  4. Donation Bar
  5. Copy/Paste Formatting

1. Copy a Post

I know the posting format might be a little hard to get used to at first, and it is very annoying to select the appropriate Categories and enter the tags every time, so here I have a tips that can make those process seems much less cumbersome.

  1. Go to the WP Admin, you can access the WP Admin by clicking the “Site Admin” under the MEMBER LOGIN:
  2. Once you are in the Dashboard, hover your mouse over “Post” and select “Copy a Post”:
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
  3. Once that is done, just search for “Post Format” and copy it:
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
  4. After that, just follow the instruction in post format, select the Categories, and enter the appropriate tags.
  5. The next time you want to publish a new chapter, just use the same function to Copy Your Latest Chapter. That way, it will copy all your contents, as well as the categories and tags, so you don’t need to worry about anything else and just edit your content, and links to the previous and next chapters. (And also the tag once you change from one volume to another)

2. Remove Underlined Links

Don’t you find… having an underline under your text sometimes can be annoying? Don’t you ever feel like removing those underlines? But how to do it? Simple, as long as you know a little bit of HTML, it can be done!

  1. First, go edit your post, either from the new dashboard or WP Admin, and use the “Text” or “HTML” tab:
  2. After that, search for the link, HTML code for links always starts with <a href=”URL-LINK-HERE”> and ends with </a>
  3. To remove the underline, just add this code style=”text-decoration: none;” in between the “<a” and “href=”URL-LINK-HERE”>
  4. Optional Tips: To make your life easier, I advice you not to edit or remove the links to the next chapter. The post format I set already have the link formats properly set up, so all you need to do is drag your mouse over it and edit the link:

    • What happens if I accidentally added a link? Do I simply edit it and leave the URL blank instead? The answer is NO.
      If you do that, the link will be removed, what you need to do is go to “Text” or “HTML” and remove the link by adding a space in between the quotation mark like this:

3. Shortlink and Ping

Have you ever noticed how every time you publish a new post, you’d get a notification or ping? Don’t you ever find those annoying? I know I was rather annoyed by those pings.

But how to stop the posts from pinging every time you publish a new chapter? Easy, shortlink is the answer! Shortlink will never change, so even if you change your permalink, or when the site domain changed for some reason, you will never need to go back to edit your navigation links due to Invalid URL.

You can get the shortlink by either copying it directly from the post itself, or from the WP Admin:

Figure 1: Copy Shortlink from Posts

Figure 2: Copy Shortlink from WP Admin

4. Donation Bar

Don’t you feel like having a donation bar of your own like every other cool translation site out there? Unfortunately, I cannot give you the ability to edit the widgets without moving to

So I’ll give you two option:

  1. Link your donation widget directly to Paypal.
  2. Link your donation widget to a page where you can edit freely.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

If you choose option two, the donor will have to waste a few extra seconds for 1 more click, but that’s no big deal right? You will be able to edit the donation page as you see fit. But the default code is like this:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

You see the highlighted part? That’s the code for the donation bar.

Edit the Progress Bar

You can edit the progress bar by using Ctrl+F to find width:20%.

By changing the percentage of the width, you will be able to extend or shorten the progress bar. But remember to leave at least 20% or 30% minimum width so that the text within the bar have some space.

The maximum width is 100%, if you go more than that, the progress bar will spill out of the box.

Changing the Color of the Bar

If you want to change the color of the progress bar, simply use Ctrl+F to find anything “color” related. For the color code, simply Google “Hex Color HTML“.

Edit the Text Value

To edit the text within the bar, just simply switch back to “Visual” view instead of “HTML” view, and edit the text as you usually do.

5. Copy/Paste Formatting

Some of you might have already noticed how sometimes when you tried to use Referral or Footnote shortcode (e.g. [^1], [^2], etc), it doesn’t work.

Though I can’t be sure, but I believe the reason is due to the weird formatting when you copy and paste the HTML rich text from other sources (Such as Microsoft Word)

The text might look normal in “Visual” mode, but once you change to “Text/HTML” mode, you’d see lots of weird formatting, such as
<p class=”p1″> </p> for example;

Those formatting may seem harmless, but they can mess you up when you try to add a Reference/Footnote later.

What I suggest you to do when you are copy/pasting material from other sources is to paste them in “Text/HTML” mode, or right click and “Paste as Plain Text” while in “Visual” mode.


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