Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel

PNAVery pure and ambiguous – The Prequel (很纯很暧昧前传) is a Chinese Web Novel written by Fishman The Second (鱼人二代). The series is completed with 3 Volumes and 625 Chapters.

Category: Reincarnation, Harem, Sci-fi, Martial Arts


He died on the wedding of the girl he had a crush on. Accidentally being sent back to the past, not only could he predict the future but also received super powers. The relationship that he missed in his past life, he won’t miss it again.

Creating a technological empire, searching for alien technology, swearing to be brothers with Yama….

Also named “Rebirth to Chase Beauty (重生追美记)”.

Further translations will be done at Re:Library


11 thoughts on “Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel”

  1. hello, i think that you should use another raw that this, true raw Rebirth to Chase Beauty not this VERY PURE AND AMBIGUOUS: THE PREQUEL because this raw version has many cutscene and also the mixing chapter confusion such as the ch of 58 is a split ch that being combine from last and first part of a two ch without defining the part of where it changing scene.


    1. No it’s not. Rebirth to Chase Beauty was the original name for it. The author changed it to VPnA: The Prequel after VPnA was released. The pirated sites also have the old chapters, while the qidian ones have been edited. You would see if you just click on the ‘Raws’ link above.


    1. Very Pure and Ambiguous. It’s an untranslated novel, which precedes School Beauty Personal Bodyguard. It is about a completely different set of characters though, and characters VPaN: The Prequel mostly just get mentioned and don’t appear in it.


    1. I think it’s because we subconsciously can’t stand something so fantastic in the modern world while the ancient has past long ago so we accept it as so

      In short it’s just one word ~[Envy]~


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